Friday, February 17, 2006

The Gathering of Nations to Defend Bear Butte - Conversation with Carter Camp

Featuring: Carter Camp, Ponca Nation, AIM; Wanbli Watakpe, Tashunka Witko Brigade.

Part 1: Carter Camp is the only member of the old AIM leadership that fought shoulder to shoulder with the warriors facing the invader army at Wounded Knee. He is now involved in the effort to save sacred Bear Butte. In this interview by Wanbli Watakpe, Carter talks about Leonard Peltier, the urgent movement to protect Bear Butte, Native youth organizing, American myth making and perpetuation (Lewis & Clark commemoration farce, National Museum of American Indians, etc.), US wars and imperialism, the global indigenous movement, tribal government, the Lakota hemp project and much more.
Part 2: Co-host Wanbli Watakpe wraps up the program with his commentary and a reading from The Road to Martyrs’ Square by Anne Marie Oliver and Paul Steinberg. Co-host Tanya closes with a tribute to Comandante Ramona of the EZLN who passed on to the spirit world 1-6-2006.

To listen to this show visit the following links: or

For more information on the Gathering of Nations to Defend Bear Butte or the Inter-Tribal Coalition to Defend Bear Butte visit or contact: Carter Camp at, Debra White Plume at 605-455-2155, or Vic Camp at 605-455-1122.


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