Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Tashunka Witko Brigade Radio Interview (2 hrs, MP3, 64 kbps, Mono)
US’ respect for borders a farce: The Oneida Nation under siege

An Interview with Danielle Schenandoah

As the US government, and its neocon pundits spew their venomous rhetoric about their “nation of laws” demanding respect for its borders, its political and corporate agents continue to encroach upon indigenous territory in utter violation of their own laws and indigenous borders.

Danielle Shenandoah, of the Oneida Wolf Clan, has been sent by her community with the sacred wampum to take the message of what is happening in the Oneida Nation to all its people and allies to unify and ask for help. She has been disenrolled, (resulting in her loss of employment, health insurance, educational allowances, quarterly stipends and all other Oneida Nation services), kidnapped, imprisoned, her home demolished (she lost all her belongings due to this), and her children taken away, for standing up for her community. She tells the Tashunka Witko Brigade a first hand account of what is happening in her Nation under siege.

For the last 14 years the Oneidas have been enduring a federally imposed dictatorship put in place to facilitate a secret gaming compact set up by former New York Governor Mario Cuomo, Rep. Sherwood Boehlert (R-NY), and the Oneida traitor and federally appointed puppet for life Arthur Raymond Halbritter. Halbritter has disregarded all traditional Oneida laws/government, signed a tax agreement with the US government, established a non-native paramilitary force, closed down the long house (place of worship and formal community gatherings), disenrolled and punished traditional Oneida people who have dared to stand up to his abuses. The Oneidas have the largest lands claim case in the United States, their lands are very rich in resources and the US government wants to relocate them again. Halbritter has started to use the Oneida’s land claim as a gambling chip for more gaming.

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In spite of all her losses (she regained her children but remains homeless), Danielle continues her work for her people and all indigenous peoples. She stands up for native populations rights to land, water, wellness in youth, traditional practice and language, native education, indigenous seed/plant preservation, native arts, and native medicine. She will be presenting the Oneida case at the United Nations Permanent Forum for Indigenous Issues in May and would appreciate sponsors. She does not receive any monies from government, corporate or tribal entities, but uses the earnings from selling her beadwork or speaking engagements. Oneidas for Democracy could use financial assistance for legal and travel costs (money orders only please). The following items are also needed for re-establishing their media center: laptops, digital cameras, still cameras, blank video tapes, dvd recordables, office equipment, and camcorder.

Send donations to:
Danielle SchenandoahPO BOX 450
Onyota'a:ka Oneida Indian Territory
Oneida, NY 13421

For more information go to or e-mail or

The Tashunka Witko Brigade (TWB) focuses on indigenous liberation and gives voice to the indigenous people, the elders, grandmas and warriors on the ground in this our continent. TWB airs on Free Radio Olympia on Tuesdays 3-5 PM PST (with live webstream at and on Berkeley Liberation Radio anytime without warning.


Blogger doc said...

nia wen (thanks) for airing the show on danielle schenandoah and the ongoing struggle of the haudenosaunee people.

having spent time on her peoples' unceded 32 acre territory, i can attest to the horrendous treatment of her people + just wanted to add she still has family members on the land that currently reside there in fear of this bia dictator ray halbritter's tyranny.

this ongoing threat,under his so-called 'housing program', will make them all homeless whenever he can seize the moment to bring in his demolition equiptment and demolish thier homes just like they did to danielle and her 3 children.

i ask all good hearted people to send even the smallest donations asap to keep this from happening to the po box #450 address on your website + please visit

8:53 PM  
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